The Apprentice Sorceress by E.D. Walker

I only registered after finishing the book that The Apprentice Sorceress is Book 2 of Fairy Tales of Lyond. However I had no problem following the story as it unfolded and is a perfect standalone book in the series.

Beautifully crafted and a compelling story which flows from start to finish with ease. I read at night until I could no longer, than continued reading the next day when I was able.

The tale follows Lady Violette, a young maid to the widowed Princess Aliénor of Jerdun who fled to the Southern city of Aratum after the Tiochene raiders attacked the Northern Cities. Although time has passed from the war between Jerdun and Lyondi, Princess Aliénor and King Thomas hope to marry and smooth tempers between the two sides.

Lord Guillaume, Princess Aliénor cousin and protector, sees fit to prevent any communication between the Princess and the King. Violette is than tasked to deliver the princess’ secret love letters to King Thomas through squire Ned by creating a pretend love affair between herself and Ned.

With more refugees flooding into Aratum and the increasing tempers, a curfew is placed on all dark skinned Tiochenes and magic users. On one occasion Violette discovers her magically abilities, and is determined not to reveal to anyone, besides Ned (who was there when the magic exploded from her). She seeks to control and snub magic from her life initially. But magic is apart of her more than she realizes.

** I received a copy of The Apprentice Sorceress, second book in the series Fairy Tales of Lyond by E.D. Walker via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Book Info & My Rating

<strong>The Apprentice Sorceress</strong> Book Cover
The Apprentice Sorceress Author: E.D. Walker Genre: Romance, Sci-Fic & Fantasy Publisher: EDW Books Publication Date: 7 January 2019


A lady does not practice magic…Until now. Lady Violette has done everything she can to be a perfect lady in waiting to the royal princess of Jerdun. She’s followed the princess halfway across the world and lived through a war. Now the princess is stranded in a foreign city as an enemy army draws near, and Violette is stranded with her. As more refugees from the conflict pour into their city every day, tension mounts between various factions, and a strange powers begin to stir inside Violette. A magic that protects her, but also seems impossible to control. Magic is not a womanly art, after all, and if anyone should learn of Violette’s powers she could lose her standing in society, her reputation, perhaps even her place at the princess’s side. The only one she trusts with her secret is Ned, an impish squire and fellow refugee from the war. Instead of being repulsed by her powers, Ned admires Violette. For her part, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for Ned, but he has secrets he refuses to share, a wall that he keeps up between them. Still, Ned helps Violette finally master her powers, but even mastery has its price when an unscrupulous nobleman looks to use Violette for his own purposes. Torn between serving her princess and saving herself, Violette will have to decide how deep the bonds of loyalty run, and just how much she’s willing to sacrifice for her own happiness. 

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