Dukes to fall in love with

Dukes to Fall in Love With by Bridget Barton

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Dukes to Fall in Love With Book Cover
Dukes to Fall in Love With Bridget Barton Romance Publication Date: 19 December 2018 Pages: 1335

Three of my best-selling Regency romance stories!

Combined the three books have more than 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 100,000 times! [Read More]

My Review

Every once in a while I turn to a romance genre book. “Dukes to Fall in Love with” was a recommended book on Amazon when searching the digital shelves. 

I am a fan of regency romance and immediately picked up this book which to my delight was a three in one. What a bargain! 

The first story was a compelling similar retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” in which a scarred monster of a man and a beautiful young woman were paired together in an arranged married setup by her father. Throughout the book although she was scared of her husband from tales and gossip spread by the people in the town, she eventually learnt to love him for who he was and look beyond his scars. Of course he was already in love with her but concerned that she would fear him for his scars – which evidence of her fainting at the sight of him on their wedding day concludes his fears. 

The book was certainly beautifully written, but I found that I was forcing to complete the first book. So with this strain on trying to complete book 1, I did not continue to read book 2 and 3.

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