Clamber Club Time (x Two)

Around August 2018 I was imaging my little one making friends after nursery school and learning in January 2019.

Plans were put on hold when many nursery schools close to home, advised that students need to be at least 18 months.

Quick calculations place her one whole month back, thus she would only begin in February. Other nursery schools only enrolled from 20 months.

With a heavy heart, plans came to a standstill.

When confiding in other parents, they claimed nursery school by them enrolled from 6 months. Why would areas further afield cater for younger ages, but my area and close surrounding areas do not? Are my hours of research not proving successful in finding these nursery schools? Or am I just too picky when crossing off my list a nursery school when, for example, the main (and only) entrance is on a really busy main road, or there seem to be too many students and too few teachers?

Rant aside…

A while back we enrolled Scarlett at one of the Clamber Club’s weekend classes. It was a start to a good social progression and getting her to learn new interesting things. She adored it. My baby suddenly transitioned from baby to toddler with a courageous personality. She soaked up whatever learned and thrived.

Clamber Club

Mid-January as we were signing the dotted line to officially enrol her for beginning February, we were set back by unforeseen circumstances and could not afford the monthly nursery school expenses. With the end of February drawing closer, our circumstances did not change for the better.

It did, however, allow us to come to an alternative solution. AKA Enrolling her in a second Clamber Club Class during the week. Although I, unfortunately, cannot attend this particular class.

Tuesday was her first-second lesson of Clamber Class. She loved it. Just like I knew she would.

Only time will tell if our temporary solution will be beneficial.

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