Profile May

I am Michelle, of course.

But when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of who someone is? Who am I really?

This is a question that I wondered about on an odd day. When I was in my youth, I often believed that my name (aka Michelle) was unique and it defined me. Until I met other “Michelle”s, and insistently declared to my parents that my name should be re-registered to Michele. They refused.

I than changed my thoughts and defining oneself fall to your full name (name, middle name – if you have one – and surname).

The unthinkable happened, and I bumped into another with all of my names. This floored me at such a young age. If one cannot be defined by their name, who are you really?

Life continued, and yet I was still me.

Then my firstborn was born. Suddenly my very common definition become redefined as a mommy of a 1-year-old. I was never “just a mom” before.

I am just me.

So… I am Michelle.

A person who is passionate about a variety of different topics which range from photography, drawing/doodling on loose pieces of paper, painting, and crafting. I often get bitten by the DIYing bug and throw myself into a project. I recently have joined the reviewing panel for book reviews. I also review baby products, beauty products and other miscellaneous reviews.

And welcome!